Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

Do you have a second passport? If you don’t, it’s high time to look at different citizenship-by-investment programs and get one as this adds a lot to the priceless feeling of safety in your life. A second passport is a part of a Plan B which includes a bank account abroad, an offshore company, and real estate in a foreign country. If something happens in your home country, you can quickly pack your bags and move! As our world is increasingly disrupted by conflicts and crises, relocating as an actual citizen would be much better than fleeing as a refugee. One of the fastest options on offer would be Vanuatu; give it careful consideration!

There is a large section devoted to citizenship- and residence-by-investment programs on our portal where you can read the full article on the Vanuatu passport program. We also write about international business and banking, investment, and asset protection – in short, everything you need for an excellent Plan B! Contact our expert now to discuss your plans and needs, find the ideal solutions available in the market, and secure them free of charge! Should you require our assistance with administrative steps or need turnkey service provision we would be more than pleased to offer our service at an attractive fee!

Vanuatu Passport: Advantages

Let’s see why you should get a Vanuatu passport:

  • Take advantage of exciting tax planning instruments available in your host country by becoming a tax resident and eliminating personal income, property and inheritance taxes as liabilities.
  • Vanuatu’s passport allows you to easily travel to over 100 countries without needing a visa (though some will require an e-visa or similar arrangement, still making your trip very convenient). All EU states, Ireland, UK and Russia will all be available visa-free access.
  • Local authorities understand the prevalence of abuse cases isn’t that low, so they use a quota system to deter such conduct.
  • The Vanuatu program offers advantageous conditions for applicants with families: they do not need to pay exorbitant amounts for each extra dependent added to the application.
  • Becoming a citizen of Vanuatu opens you up to its well-developed banking sector, which is also highly secure.
  • Applying for a passport does not require residency within any timeframe prior to or post acquiring one.
  • Vanuatu boasts an ideal geographical location between Australia and New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean – providing foreign entrepreneurs with an ideal platform to expand their businesses in Asia-Pacific region.
  • Both main applicants and dependents who successfully pass the program receive full lifelong citizenship.
  • The Vanuatu program is one of the quickest ways to obtain a foreign passport as successful applicants get the document in less than two months.
  • Many economic citizens choose to move to this tropical paradise and enjoy organic agriculture and wonderful beaches. What is more, Vanuatu is an energy-independent country, which may be a very important nuance for you.

Am I Eligible?

The age of the main applicant should range between 18 and 50.

The main applicant must possess assets totalling at least 500,000 US dollars, half of which should be held with one or more banks.

When making an application, a deposit of 25% will be due upon approval of your case. The remaining balance can be paid when approval has occurred.

When applying, both the main applicant and any dependents (if applicable) will need to present a package of documents including proof of a clean criminal history in their current or previous jurisdiction.

Include any of the following family members as dependents when applying:

  • The applicant’s (or his/her spouse’s) own or adopted children aged from 18 to 25 who are financially dependent on the applicant/spouse and study full time.
  • The applicant’s spouse or mother/father over 50 who are financially dependent.

Some key points about Vanuatu citizenship-by-investment program that you should keep in mind:

  • When a baby is born into a family consisting of Vanuatu economic citizens, he or she automatically becomes a citizen of Vanuatu.
  • Muslims are free to submit an application for Vanuatu citizenship, which distinguishes this program from many others.
  • Submitting a certificate demonstrating a clean criminal history should only be submitted by those over 12 years of age.

As can be seen, the requirements are not onerous and most people should qualify assuming they possess sufficient assets.

Vanuatu Passport: Cost

You will have to make a non-refundable donation to acquire a Vanuatu passport:

  • 130,000 US dollars per single applicant
  • 150,000 US dollars per couple
  • 165,000 US dollars for a family with 1 child
  • 180,000 US dollars for a family with 2 children
  • 25,000 US dollars per extra dependent

This amount includes all state fees and the fee payable for the immigration agent’s services. You will additionally have to pay a symbolic fee for swearing allegiance to your new homeland.

A Licensed Immigration Agent

Under Pacific law, you cannot submit a package of documents to obtain a Vanuatu passport directly to the local authorities. Finding an immigration agent who will oversee your case can be a difficult process, so be sure to locate a trustworthy licensed agent as soon as possible.

If this seems daunting (which it should), contact us. We offer reliable services with which you can entrust hundreds of dollars without risk. We have a trusted partner company that has a lot of experience in supporting people who want to benefit from the citizenship-by-investment program in Vanuatu.

The partner company has a Coordinator on site who works with customers and official representatives to achieve the best results. He examines all the documents before submitting them, which guarantees a minimal likelihood of failure.

Please follow the above link to read what documents you will need for Vanuatu citizenship and other details – or book a session with our expert to discuss your situation. We will be happy to help you add safety to your life!

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